WP Engine is the best host for WordPress (in our opinion). Here's how you can sign up for a new WP Engine account and grant access to us to migrate your website over.

Step 1. Sign-up for a new account. Just click here to begin, this link will also activate a special discount for you. Now it's time to Pick a Plan. Typically you'll only need the Startup Plan (if you have only one WordPress site) or choose one of the larger plans if you have more than one website. You probably don't need the fancy extras like Content Performance, GeoTarget and Multisite, we can always add these later if required. Make sure you enter your contact and payment information, and choose a Data Centre closest to your target audience (for example, Australia). It's slightly more expensive to host your site in Australia however it's worth it as it will load on-average about 40% quicker.

Step 2. Once you have signed up, you'll need to login to your shiny new WP Engine account and add us as a user. Click on Users on the top navigation line, then Add User in the top right, enter the name and email address hello@agentdigital.com.au and select FULL access (no billing).

That's it. We'll be automatically notified once you've added us, and can get started your migration.